Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Tiny Lycanthrope

Thing 1 has started scratching faces in the latest attempt to impose her newly discovered will on those around her.   Normally we are able to pin her fists when she gets that gleam in her eye and starts clenching her jaw, followed by a firm, and occasionally rational, talk about how scratching is bad.  A couple of times she has been too quick, and has even drawn blood with her little talons (my inability to remember to trim her nails does not help).
The last time she got Nauntie was during a rare melt-down at the library (seriously, they are going to ban my family soon....). The scratch was still quite red today, and at one point Thing 1 pointed at it and observed,
"Owie.  Owie on da FACE."
"Yes, it is an owie.  We shouldn't scratch, should we?"
Thing 1 cocked her head, leaned closer with a sweet smile, and whispered,
"I like it.  I LIKE owies. Yes, I do."
While my poor sister  was trying to frame a reply, my 2 year old daughter crawled onto her lap and said, "Sniff the owie, mmmmm, yeeessss, sniff it," and smelled her Nauntie's bloody scratch.
"Mmmmm...smells good!"

So.....that's not creepy at all. Nope.  Totally normal.

I'm going to blame the full moon for my child's bloodlust and leave it at that.

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MPenna said...

HA! . . . y'think she's her father's daughter? Much?! =D