Saturday, June 16, 2012

ABBA for the Win

Tonight, after an early dinner, I realized I needed to kill 2 hours before bedtime with a restless infant whose only goal in life is to walk, and a sleepless toddler whose only goal in life is to destroy EVERYTHING.  Crap.
Thing 1, besides being culture-shocked (she occasionally stops and stares at me with haunted eyes and says things like "Remember da OLD house, Momma?  Remember our ALLEY? You walked with me in it with the CARS. Remember dat?" causing me to be wracked with guilt and homesickness)  has also started skipping her nap.  On top of that, the great mosquito hatching has begun here in Minnesota, making playing outside a nightmare and causing Thing 2's face to swell up with a dozen red bumps. Which means we have been hiding in our new attic apartment surrounded by boxes slowly going bat-shit-crazy.
In desperation I dodged tiny mosquito bombs, piled the girls into the car, and drove the 6 miles to the nearest park and playground.  We made the rounds of swings and slides, played with our new best friends of the hour, and started feeling a little better.
The playground is across the street from the local dive (naturally), in this case called The Log Cabin Bar (classy, classy joint), which was blaring country and classic rock hits so that the three drunks on the patio could dance. Entertaining and harmless background noise.  
Until ABBA came on. (See ABBA, ABBA Everywhere post for reference)
Thing 1 froze.  
A huge smile spread across her face.
She gave an ecstatic shout from across the playground,
"MOMMA! Dat's da Momma Mia SONG!!!" 
She threw herself off of the teeter totter, grabbed my hand, and said rapturously, "DANCE with me, Momma! Let's DANCE!!"
So we rocked out to Dancing Queen in the middle of the play ground, Thing 2 cackling gleefully in her Bjorn, Thing 1 busting out her best disco moves, with the setting sun casting long shadows through the grove of century old pine trees, and suddenly I knew that no matter where we were or what crap we were wading through, everything was was going to be OK.  Because we are always, ALWAYS going to rock out to ABBA, whenever and wherever it's playing.  And that makes us special.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this... mostly because I have an ABBA heart too ;)...
xo Lisa