Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!

Just to prove that I am not always sarcastic and cynical, with a hint of dry humor, I am going to start posting some of my random FAVORITE THINGS! Which could be anything.  Maybe pictures of my kids. Maybe pictures of unicorns. Maybe baby stuff. Maybe grown up stuff. Who knows! It's a magical surprise!  Wooohoooo!!
This week I discovered the amazing music videos for "They Might Be Giants" songs such as Meet the Elements:

Thanks to them Thing 1 routinely will ask me to sing about helium, planets, and spectrums before bed. 

So if you are a parent who wants your kid to be smarter, or know a kid who should be smarter, or are a grown up who drew pictures and spaced out during chemistry class, these  guys are for YOU!  HAPPY FRIDAY!

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MPenna said...

And always remember . . . The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas . . . :)