Thursday, August 23, 2012

Metaphysical Toddlers

Conversations with a precocious two year old go something like this:
"Where does milk come from, Mama?"
"I don't know, where does milk come from?"
"Milk comes from cows, Mama! Where does cows come from, Mama?"
"From mama cows."
"Where do clothes come from, Mama, where do clothes COME from?"
"Clothes are made in factories out of fabric."
"What is FABRIC Mama?"
"Fabric is made from threads we get from plants and animals."
"Where do animals come from?"
"Momma and daddy animals make baby animals, and those grow up and make more animals."
"Like Mia?"
"Sure, yes, like Mia."
"Where does WATER come from, Mama?"
"Water that we drinks comes out of the ground in pipes."
"Oh.  But where does water COME from Mama?"
"Water goes up to the clouds as vapor, and then rains down, and goes back into the ground, and comes back up in pipes.  That's called the 'water cycle'. "
"Da water cyyycle. But what IS water, Mama?"
"Well, water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules."
"OXYGEN  is an el-u-ment!"
"(what?!) Very good sweetie."
"Where does OXYGEN come from Mama?! Where does OXYGEN COME FROM?"
"That is a really good question honey. Go ask your dad."