Friday, December 23, 2011

The Itchy Beaver

       Thing 1 picked out a new show from the library all about nature and animals with cute animation. Excellent.  I like nature. I was a PBS kid.  Educational programming will make my child a future genius. Right? Little did I know the parental humiliation this show would cause.  I hold it responsible for Thing 1 running around in a public library with a delighted grin declaring, “Find da Itchy Beaver! Itchy Beaver! FIND DA ITCHY BEAVER. SCRATCH’A DA ITCHY BEAVER!!” while respectable librarians and homeless gentlemen and mothers of superior children looked on in horror and judgment and contemplated calling social services. The facts are these:

There is a character on the show named “Benita”.
“Benita” is a Beaver.
A female Beaver.  (That alone is inexcusable for the creators of children’s shows.)
There is an entire episode devoted to the Itch that Benita the Beaver cannot reach.
That’s right, she is an itchy Beaver.
She needs some help to reach that itch.
Izzy the owl helps out her gal pal as best she can.
Sammy the (male) Skunk tries to scratch it for her, but his hands are just tooooo soft. “Ooooo Sammy, that tickles!” (true quote in a ridiculous high pitched voice.)
It becomes imperative that the Beaver learn how to scratch her own itch to be truly satisfied. Hmmmm…..

            I realize that it is my dirty mind filling in the gaps and trying desperately not to laugh out loud every time we watch it, but the writers of this show are obviously 15-year-old boys that have the munchies and are giggling maniacally at their own cleverness.  All I know is that Mr. Rogers never scratched any itchy Beavers…. not even in the Land of Make Believe….


carrster said...

Thank God we haven't come across that one....yet....

Katie Rose said...

Beware the Itchy Beaver! :)