Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One of the most rewarding things about being a parent of small children is that time around 10 months of life when you finally can get some payback for all the sleepless nights, the scream-numbed brain, the chewed on fingers, and the dark circles under your eyes.  It is that magical time when your child is finally old enough that you can start training them to do/say ridiculous/cute things for your own personally amusement.
It was around this time that we taught Thing 1 to use a big girl cup, and how to "cheers".  She would grip hers with two little hands, clink it against our cup, and declare with a delighted grin, "Cheews!" Freakin' adorable.
But she didn't stop there, oh no. She decided that if you can cheers two cups, you should be able to cheers any two items that are similiar. Like forks. Which results in tiny fork sword-salutes during meals. Or crackers. Which results in extra crumbs on my floor.  It is also possible to cheers blocks, shoes, washclothes, crayons, and teddy bears.  Who knew? I will be sitting at my desk writing something with a pen when suddenly a small hand clutching another pen will appear in front of my face, "CHEEWS Mommy! Cheews the pens!"  clink!
It has became an excuse to have a tiny celebration about even the most mundane things. As if all her joy in discovering life is contained in that little moment when two objects connect.
Yesterday Nauntie was bouncing Thing 2 to sleep on Serenity, the Yoga Ball. To offer moral support, Thing 1 decided to get her beach ball out, and bounce her doll to sleep as well, crooning, "Hush-a baby. Ooooo, it OK baby. Husha bye." (also freakin' adorable) When Thing 2 finally stopped screaming bloody murder and  passed out, Thing 1 stood up, walked over to her, and gently clunked her baby doll's head against her sister. Then, she grinned at Nauntie and whispered, "Cheews!"
Cheers, indeed.

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Paul C. said...

Has to be one of the cutest uses of "cheers" ever.