Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ABBA, ABBA, Everywhere...

          I never meant for my home to become invaded with ABBA music.  It was all just an honest mistake.
 I promise. Let me explain....
        When Thing 2 was born we shortened her name to "Mia" so that Thing 1 could pronounce it easier.  Thus the arrival of "Baby Mia" unfortunately coincided with my sister renting "Momma Mia".  Thing 1 loves anything with singing, dancing, and apparently huge sequenced costumes.  Once she realized that this movie was named after two of her favorite people, and that there was even a song sung specifically for them, she fell head over heels in love.  It has been continuously requested.  To make matters worse, it was one of her Christmas presents (one of her favorites, naturally). So now it is always available.
         Almost any conversation can remind her of it.
         Mention how we need more MONEY and suddenly a small voice will chirp, "Money song? Watch Momma Mia?"
          Refer to something we did LAST SUMMER, or having a DREAM, or EMOTIONS, state TROOPERS, or TAKING A CHANCE and the same thing happens. Especially if we mention Momma and Mia in the same sentence, which at our house can be quite often since Thing 2 is usually glued to my chest.
"Where are Momma and Mia?"
 "Da Momma and da Mia? Mamma Mia? WATCH Mamma Mia?"
          Even Winnie the Pooh will bring it up.
 "...bears love honey and I'm a - "
"Honey? Honey honey song? Watch Honey honey song? WATCH'A MOMMA MIA? PEEAAS?"
         Apparently Momma Mia is like the Kevin Bacon of movies, if you pay attention everything can be traced  back to ABBA songs. It's a little disturbing.
         Which is why I am walking around this evening humming "Money Money", and banging my head against the wall.  That music is like velcro on my brain. Who would have thought I would have a two year old obsessed with feel good 70's Swedish music?  I should have named my second child Jane.

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